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  • AKG 414

  • WA47

  • Shure SM7B

  • SM58

  • SM57

  • Shure Beta 52A


Pre-amps, Interfaces & Plug-ins


  • Lunchbox API Hardware 

  • Universal Apollo Twin

  • Focusrite 2i2

  • Focusrite Scarlette 18i20 

  • 24 Channel Soundcraft Mixing Board

  • Serum

  • Mastering Software Ozone 9




  • Ableton 10 

  • Pro Tools 


Room & Instruments


  • 3 isolation booths for live band recording

  • Drum kit

  • DI Acoustic Yamaha

  • DI Electric Fender Telecaster 

  • Fender Blues Pro Jr. 

  • Rooftop views of the vineyard and mountains 

  • Unique recording rooms make for great videos and photos!


Recording / Studio Rental - $60/hr

- includes the use of all studio equipment, in-house engineer, as well as in-session rough mix down & editing. Additional mixing, editing & mastering based on a per song basis. 

Live Video Recording - $60/hr 

- includes live recording as well as edited video. These are great for live music videos for promotion or for pre-recorded live streams.

Please visit our Facebook page to view over 400 artists live video recordings!  

Mastering - $30/song

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Meet our in-house engineer

Jodie B Logo copy.png

Specializing in live looping, Jodie B produces and captures the sounds of hip-hop, indie and electronic dance music through a purple bass, a Fender Tele., and a 6 key harmonica belt, often performing alongside her sister Nique Blue, who plays mandolin, saxophone, and guitar.

She has performed at Monday Mag’s “Best Music Festival in North America” Shambhala Music Festival every year since 2015 as a live performer at The Amphitheatre. 

In October 2020, Jodie B released her first, self-produced album “equanimous”.

An 8 track personal perspective on life, emotions, and lessons. The project was partly recorded and mixed and Frequency Wine & Sound and was funded by Creative BC and First People's Cultural Council. 

From 2018 - 2020 Jodie B has opened for artists such as Kytami, DubFx, The Pharcyde, and Methodman & Redman. Jodie B has produced and co-produced for hip-hop legends including, Snotty Nose Rez Kids, Mayday, Nino Bless, and Atmosphere in 2020. Jodie’s guitar, harmonica, and vocals are also featured on these collaborative tracks, which are scheduled to be released in


“Jodie B’s uncanny ability to continually hone her skills and integrate new elements into her live and studio musicianship is a result of a lifetime of immersion in performance — music is a foundational component of the very fabric of her being. From humble beginnings learning the ropes as a street busker to lighting up stages at major music festival’s, her comfortability on stage is palpable, giving the audience the best possible experience, regardless of setting”. 

-Paul Rodgers, Jucy editor, BeatRoute Magazine


"I have recorded at Frequency Winery a few times. Their wine and story are great! The last two times, the recording sessions were managed by Jodie Bruce.  She did a fantastic job of setting a comfortable atmosphere and blending the video in a professional manner with a unique flair. I look forward to doing some more!  It is a special experience to record a performance and then relax in a beautiful setting while waiting for the product to be ready. Thanks Jodie and Frequency Winery for being conduits for this!"


Silverado Socrates

"I saw a Facebook post about Frequency Wine and Sound’s singing competition and I thought it would be a fun thing to do.

I called and spoke with Jodie B. and booked a one hour session.

I did a solo acoustic cover of “Knights in White Satin” by The Moody Blues.

At age 64 this was my first experience recording in an actual studio.

Jodie was lots of fun to work with and made me feel very comfortable. I think she did a terrific job with both the audio and video. It was a fun, cool experience for Cindy and I.

I plan on “laying down more tracks” at Frequency Wine & Sound. It’s a very cool place and very reasonably priced. And of course they always have some mighty fine wine!"

 Willy Murcotte

"Recording with Jodie B at Frequency Winery was an extremely satisfying experience. The atmosphere of Frequency is a visually dazzling masterpiece embedded with musical instruments, countless bottles of wine and artwork lit with soothing modern lighting. I was in awe. 

Recording and performing music in general can be nerve racking, but Jodie B's inviting, confident and open minded demeanour made me feel at ease. I am really happy with how my original blues song turned out. I look forward to the next recording Experience. Thank you Jodie B and Frequency Winery!"


Stephen Kubs

"Back in the summer I came in for a wine tasting and was instantly drawn to the vibe of the studio! I've been wanting to book a studio session ever since, and entering their contest was the perfect time for me to do so and stick to some music goals I made this year. 

I recorded two originals with just me and my acoustic guitar!

The highlight was definitely working with Jodie! She's super down to earth and encouraging. I was a bit nervous to start but soon felt so comfortable. Also signing the piano was pretty cool too.

I would absolutely recommend working with Jodie at Frequency! Whether recording is new to you or you're a veteran, It's just all around a great vibe and experience."

Kailee Duggan